A Simple Game

Josh Petersen The Weekly Knob feature Dec 7 · 6 min read

The microwave beeped relentlessly to indicate the plate of pizza rolls were done.

Kenny grabbed the hot plate and nearly dropped it as it burned his fingers. He sat the plate down and pulled out a few cans of Mountain Dew from the refrigerator.

Using an oven mitt he took the plate and sodas over to the table where his two friends Marcus and Tyson were sitting.

“Alright boys,” Kenny said, “You know the rules. You can only choose truth once and you can only opt out of one dare. Failure to complete your dare is means for elimination. Marcus being the winner of last week’s game means you get to decide who you want to go first. Don’t hold back, my parents won’t be home until later tonight.”

Marcus rubbed his hands together with excitement and said, “Tyson, truth or dare?”

Tyson cracked open the Mountain Dew and took a long sip, letting out a refreshing, “Ahhh,” before announcing, “Dare.”

“I dare you to stick your tongue inside one of these scalding pizza rolls.”

“Easy,” chuckled Tyson, but a small bead of sweat began to formulate on his forehead.

He grabbed the pizza roll that was hot to the touch and squeezed gently so that it popped opened just far enough to reveal melted cheese and saucy chunks of pepperoni. Wincing, he shoved his tongue into what felt like Satan’s home; a fiery hell.

He held it there for a second then tossed the pizza roll down on the plate to grab a sip of soda, but the soda only made it worse. He ran over to the sink and stuck his tongue under the cold running water while his friends took great pleasure in his pain.

After his tongue had calmed down and his slight lisp subsided, Tyson said, “Kenny, truth or dare?”

“After that episode, truth,” Kenny said.

“Fair enough,” said Tyson. “Is Justin Bieber on your recent playlist?”

Knowing very well that Tyson would check his phone if he said no, Kenny reluctantly admitted he had recently enjoyed some Justin Bieber music.

“Marcus,” Kenny said, “Truth or dare?”

Last week’s winner announced, “Dare.”

Kenny and Tyson collaborated after last week’s win by Marcus, they’d premeditated a dare that they’d deliver during his first turn.

Kenny’s grin was more wild than the chuckling hyenas’ from the Lion King, “Let me start by reminding you of tomorrow’s capture the flag event against Jerry and the two Slime Brothers. An event we’ll be needing flags for. Yes, plural. Two flags. Can you guess what your dare is?”

Marcus crossed his arms and rubbed at his chin in thought, then shook his head, “No idea.”

“We dare you to steal some bras to be used as flags in tomorrow’s game. One bra from Tess Gilbert and…” Kenny let the anticipation sit in the air like a thick fog. “The other bra from Stacy Gilbert.”

“That’s two dares!” Marcus complained.

The other two figured he’d say that.

“No,” Tyson argued, “The dare is to steal flags for tomorrow’s capture the flag game. That’s a single dare. We’re just giving you specifics on what we want to use for the flags and where you’re expected to acquire these flags.”

“Whatever,” Marcus relented. He wasn’t one to turn down a dare, regardless of how the odds were stacked against him.

Tess Gilbert had been Marcus’s crush pretty much his whole life. Four years older and absolutely stunning. A spitting image of her gorgeous mother Stacy.

Stacy moved her and her daughter to the neighborhood after her divorce and they’d been there ever since.

Being that there were no men in the girls lives the boys helped out around the house, a lot. Taking care of yard work, playing handymen even though they were only boys. Whatever the girls needed help with the boys were there and more than willing to help.

Marcus knocked twice on the Gilbert’s front door and waited. And waited. After a couple minutes with no answer Marcus found the spare key hidden under a rock in the flower bed and let himself in.

As he climbed the stairs to where their bedrooms were located he could hear the subtle sound of running water. Someone was taking a shower.

Trying to avoid any creaking from the carpet he made his way to Stacy’s room first.

Although he’d done various projects in the house he’d never been in Stacy’s room. It was fairly large with a queen size, sleigh bed that sat across from a dresser that held a large mirror. He guessed that’s where he’d find the bra.

He watched himself in the mirror, creeping over to the dresser, and couldn’t believe he was actually doing this.

He started pulling open the drawers starting from the top. The first drawer was full of socks. The second drawer had an assortment of lacey panties and a couple thongs. No bras. Feeling like a creep he quickly shut the drawer.

He was starting to get nervous. He’d been in the house for a while now and whoever was in the shower would probably be getting out soon.

He started scanning the room and spotted it. Them.

Two bras hung from the doorknob of Stacy Gilbert’s closet. A midnight black one and a hot pink one. He could simply grab both and be out of there. How would his friends know they were both Stacy’s?

They’d know. Stacy was more… mature. Bigger in that area.

Thinking that the hot pink bra would impress his friends more Marcus snagged it off the doorknob and snuck across the hall to Tess’s room. Walking slow and listening for the shower, which he could still hear.

In Tess’s room he moved a little quicker. Checking the doorknobs first this time. No luck.

Tess’s room was significantly smaller with a queen size bed that filled most of the space. He covered the room swiftly, searching all the areas he imagined a bra would be stored. He pictured most girls just leaving their bras strewn about on the floor, but apparently not Tess.

The only place he hadn’t checked was the closet. He opened the closet door that needed some serious WD-40 treatment and paused to see if he’d alerted Tess of his intrusion, but no one came into the room so he continued to sift through her closet.

He found what he was looking for tucked underneath a pile of dirty clothes in the laundry basket. A baby blue bra.

He turned to leave and came face-to-face with Tess. Her towel had fallen to the floor in her surprise and she stood naked with her soft tanned skin glistening from the remnants of water still dripping off her fit body.

She didn’t scream or move. Just stared in disbelief as Marcus stood, not only holding one of her bras but her mother’s too.

Marcus didn’t know what to do. He’d been caught and now he was stuck in a trance at the sight of his crush’s nudity.

Tess was the first to speak. She didn’t make a move for the towel or even attempt to cover up instead she said, “What are you doing?”

Marcus’s brain shut down completely as he struggled to form a response, “I… uh. We. A dare. It was a dare.”

The only word Tess needed to hear for an explanation was ‘dare’ and then it all made sense.

Tess smiled, “Okay Marcus, take the bras and get out of here before my mom gets home, but pay up first.”

“Pay up?” Marcus asked confused.

“Yeah, leave your pants and underwear and you’re free to go. Two for two. It’s only fair.”

With his bare-ass displayed for all the neighbors to see Marcus walked proudly home with a baby blue bra and a bright pink one slung over his shoulder. Dare complete.

Tess Gilbert drove her navy blue Nissan Altima into West High’s parking lot for her dance class when something caught her eye on the football field.

One field goal post had a bright pink bra tied to it. The other field goal post had a baby blue one. Her baby blue one.

“Boys will be boys,” she said with a chuckle.

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