The Weekly Knob’s Story

The Weekly Knob came to life in the year 2015, with a simple mission: To inspire writers (ourselves included) to write on a regular basis using a single prompt challenge which renewed each week. The exercise ended with TWK publishing a weekly edition of curated stories from the pool of submissions we received. To date, we’ve just published our 173rd weekly issue on Medium and we’ve begun sharing the best featured stories here, on

We made our home on the social writing platform known as Medium and The Weekly Knob attracted some already phenomenally talented writers and writers at every stage of development. It was truly exciting to be involved in such an inclusive, social endeavor by Twitter’s co-founder, Ev Williams, to freely provide space, writing tools and support to encourage the voices of people who otherwise might never have or take the opportunity to share their opinions and thoughts with others.

I used to regard writing as a worthy and solitary craft, with a touch neuroses, and a jigger of courage. But perhaps I’d read too much about Ernest Hemingway and romanticized the ease with which prolific writers seemed to produce masterpieces to realize it’s much more than that.

Writing well enough to capture a reader’s attention in a time when attention spans are short and competition for them is long and sophisticated takes extraordinary passion, commitment and discipline. It also takes feedback and encouragement from other writers and a thoughtful editor from time to time.

This is where The Weekly Knob found its niche.

The truth is, not everyone can capture another’s heart and imagination with an idea and a stream of well chosen words, and those who can must still work hard to hone their craft and personal style in order to do it consistently. Writing is sometimes an unyielding mistress; however, demanding writers must be ready when inspiration comes, or they must be able to drum it up at will.

The Weekly Knob is a strange name for a writing publication, don’t you think? We did too, but it seemed apropos, and as things often do, it grew on us as the months and years passed.

Myself and Aura Wilming met on the platform when we were both fairly new to the idea of putting our writing on the electronic page for whomever wished to read it (or not). I had been singularly fumbling around, making rhetorical challenges in a narrative marveling at descriptive writing after reading some engaging passages in an obscure science fiction novel I’d plucked from Ollie’s bargain bin.

To my surprise, a few of the current writers picked up the thread, which somehow morphed into a writing challenge involving crafting an engaging story around a door knob! Several wonderful stories were added to the thread by talented writers who, in fact, wrote stories which began or significantly involved a door knob.

Viola! A writing challenge publication was born at the encouragement of writer Aura Wilming, who was to become co-creator and editor of The Weekly Knob when she said, “I wouldn’t mind if you threw out a writing prompt every week.” Of course, we kneaded and molded our format and the challenge guidelines while riding Medium’s evolutionary growth spurts, and our own dedicated community’s needs, but happily we’ve stuck with our charter principle throughout: To inspire and challenge writers every week.

Since growing a readership and writing community approaching 12,000 people from around the globe, we also found we could use a bit more technical support, which doesn’t even cover the contributions our third writer-editor, Geoff Atkins, brings to the table! Our editing team complete at this point, we decided to forge new territory in addition to our well known place on Medium; thus, you have found us renewing our mission here on!

We welcome writers of every development level and readers from around the world. Join us for a journey through imagination and inspiration on our expanded platform:!

Creatively yours,

S Lynn Knight, Co-Editor TWK
& Managing Editor of

Aura Wilming, Co-Editor, TWK

Geoff Atkins, Co-Editor TWK